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<p class="text-size-medium">THE CAUSE needed a new website for their annual conference THE CAUSE CONFERENCE. It was a huge event with a lot of planning and hard work to create a valuable and engaging experience. </p>

They needed a website to articulate their story, the value of the conference to sell tickets. The website also needed to provide information to guest, both in town and from out of town with details for attending as well as what else to do in the area. The catch was we had one week for the entire design and development process.

The great news is I was able to develop the site for them before the deadline. The creative team at THE CAUSE were very happy with the site. Guests who attended the conference complimented the team on the quality of the website and the cohesion between the physical and digital experiences.



Sold out the event well in advance


Event visitors loved the website


Thanks to Jonathan, we were able to direct people to our 501(c)(3) webpage to increase awareness and raise funds.

Jonathan was very personal. I liked having someone I could bounce ideas off of.

I would, and have, recommend Jonathan to anyone! He is very helpful and talented and will help anyone with their business or non-profit.

Chris Kohlstaedt
Creative Director

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