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Interact Brands


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<p class="text-size-medium">Interact Brands already worked with billion-dollar brands, but they wanted to attract additional opportunities.</p>

They needed a new portfolio website to highlight the cross-section of high-profile work they craft. Interact wanted a website that puts their work front and center while enabling them to communicate their philosophy and process.

The aesthetic was to be minimal and elevated with strategic use of animations and micro-interactions.

We utilized Webflow with extensive customizations under the hood to provide a robust platform while balancing ease of use for their team to edit and build out case studies.

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A case study on desktop utilizing several components from the modular system, including auto-playing videos and carousels.

I designed a robust, modular component-based system to provide Interact's team with maximum flexibility when crafting case studies. This empowers them to tailor each case study to the project's uniqueness.

The system utilizes linked together components to enable a single source of truth for making site-wide layout adjustments.

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