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Parch Spirits + Cocktails


UX Design
Webflow Development
3rd-party Integration



<h2 class="margin-top margin-medium heading-xxsmall">About the Project</h2>

<p class="text-size-medium">Parch Spirits + Cocktails is a direct-to-consumer non-alcoholic agave-based beverage brand. Their first product launch needed a landing page to build hype and grow their email list and Instagram following.</p>

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<h3 class="margin-top margin-medium heading-xxsmall">Agency of Record</h3>

Young Jerks


The dope team at Young Jerks provided a static design of their vision. We collaborated on translating the direction into a responsive experience to work across devices.

Code in Sublime Text for Parch's website
Code for Parch's website


I utilized fabric.js to provide the desktop and tablet "collage-like" experience. We also integrated with an email marketing platform to automatically add opt-ins to their email list.

On desktop and tablet, visitors can create their own composition utilizing the fantastic brand elements created by Young Jerks.
On mobile, we choose a different approach to account for technical limitations. We maintained a sense of whimsy and discovery to delight visitors.

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