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Air Jordan Archive is a collaboration between JUSTIN SNEAKERBOX and myself. JUSTIN SNEAKERBOX is an expert about sneakers and long-time collector. With the launch of the Air Jordan XXXIII, JUSTIN SNEAKERBOX was invited to document the launch event. He also received a pair of the XXXIII prior to release.

Outside of Nike, there was not a central, comprehensive visual documentation of the Air Jordan XX3 - XXXIII. We set out to create just that and launch the website prior to the release of the XXXIII.

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For the project, we photographed all the shoes ourselves. It was a collaborative effort between JUSTIN SNEAKERBOX and myself. With his years of experience photographing sneakers, JUSTIN SNEAKERBOX took lead as the photographer. I provided art direction. JUSTIN SNEAKERBOX did all the editing and retouching. We wanted the aesthetic to be elevated but still accessible. The shoes should feel move like an object and less functional but maintain the reality of their purpose.

Due to our schedules and limitations of the time, our shoots were over three days after 9 pm and sometimes going as late as 2 am. All were on the roof of JUSTIN SNEAKERBOX studio.


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