About Jonathan Horst

I've lived an unconventional life and embrace it.

At 12, I created my first business. Started freelance editorial photography in junior high. Graduated high school at 17 and college at 20.

In 2015, I transitioned to being a full-time, independent front-end developer. Five months later, I landed a global brand as a client and worked with them non-stop for over two years.

Most my practical education has been on the metaphorical “street”. I'm a continual learner — always observation, listening and questioning. The past several years, I've been primarily a front-end developer and am entirely self-taught.

My formal education is in graphic design and art but I've worn a lot of other hats.

At the moment, I live and work in the Crossroads district of Kansas City, Missouri.

“One of the hardest things to come by when working in the digital realm is finding someone who is both technical and creative. Jonathan Horst is both.

I have now worked with Jonathan over the course of a handful of years and it is always an awesome collaboration. We have launched both small and major website projects as well as digital experiences.

Jonathan is one of my trusted collaborators and I highly recommend him.”